No matter what you say or what you do...When Im alone I'd rather be with you. And fuck them other niggas I'll be right by your side, till 3005, HOLL UP

omg sh what is this

"My God you pay for your friends?" I'll take that as a compliment, got a house full of homies, why I feel so the opposite? Incompetent aint the half of it, Saturdays we Young Lavish-ing...

what the heckkkk what is this

Wait a minute All good just a week ago Crew at my house And we party every weekend so On the radio that's my favorite song Make me bounce around Like I don't know Like I won't be here long Now the thrill is gone Got no patience cause I'm not a doctor Girl why you lying? Girl why you Mufasa? Yeah mi casa su casa Got stripper like Gaza Got so high off volcanoes Now the flow is so lava Yeah we spit that saliva iPhone got message from Viber Either the head is so hydra or we let bygones be bygones

what to heck

going to disneyland paris :-)


this is a new hat and im cute hello